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Managed IT Services

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We offer the most comprehensive cybersecurity in the DFW. We are security engineers and project managers with over 20 years of experience working in the DFW Metroplex and beyond. We are one of the top recommended managed security service providers (MSSP) because we build layered security into all our projects. Our areas of expertise are…

Providing excellent cybersecurity to all our customers!


The world of cybersecurity is ever changing, but we are here to help. Let us be your security department. With standard predictable monthly bills and outstanding service, we can cover all of your security and compliance needs. We provide comprehensive layered cybersecurity in Texas and beyond.


We offer unmatched multilayered security to cover all devices on your network and a dedicated SOC of over 140 engineers available 24/7/365 monitoring your network.


Our business continuity can cover all critical data within your organization. We back up your systems every 15 minutes and encrypt that data in our secure off-site data center.


From PCIDSS, ISO standard compliance, HIPAA or industry specific compliances, we can provide the leadership to ensure your office is fully compliant and within regulation.


For specific projects, or vCIO/vCISO requirements, we offer our wealth of experience and executive management team to help your organization succeed.

Ransomware Mitigation

We have been involved in ransomware mitigation for more than a decade. Let our team help your organization recover successfully.


From network and cloud to business and industry compliance, we provide comprehensive security auditing and vulnerability scanning.


We are active in the cities of the metroplex providing comprehensive cybersecurity in the DFW. Below, are some highlights and information about typical projects that we work on.


“Tonight I reached out for some help and one of your engineers was immediately online working with my technical issue. That was completely above and beyond in my opinion. Great work!” 

Carrie E., President

“I’m impressed by the thought that has gone into this chain. You have pondered some nitty gritty details that a lot of engineers would gloss over, and your insight is very proactive. I’m grateful and appreciative.”

Noel. M, IT Specialist

“Just a quick thank you in our busy day before jumping on my down array situation a few weeks back. I appreciate the teamwork, hard work and friendship extended by all at Black Belt Consulting.”

Alex K, IT Manager


Not only are we top security experts in our field, providing comprehensive cybersecurity in the DFW, but we are actively involved in providing security education and awareness training. We cover the latest in security industry news and reports. For more information, see below.


Do you need help with technical or security-related services? Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you right away.


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